Laws for Building a House

Building your own home is a desirable option for many looking for a new home, so how can you make your dream home while staying legal? 

House plans

A few renovations and all home plans and landscaping require the approval of a building certifier. You might also require council approval. Check with the community council or a building certifier to determine if your dream home can be approved in your particular region.

Getting quotes

It is worth getting three quotations based on your aims.

Compare the quotes and make sure they include the exact details and keep a keen eye out for hidden prices. Beware: if the quote does not state a fixed rate, it may become expensive.

A quotation can form the basis of a contract if no contract has been signed, and it sets details of the job and a cost.

You will want a contract if the building work is valued at more than $3300.


Builders must pay the QBCC before beginning work an insurance premium. The QBCC should email a copy of the policy to you.

Building legislation

Learn which building laws and codes impact you, such as the Queensland Development Code and National Construction Code.

Decks and balconies

If your house has a deck or deck, or you are renovating or building one, you should read our security strategies for constructing or maintaining a deck or balcony in Queensland.

Sustainable housing

Housing legislation makes Queensland homes more comfortable to live in, use energy and less water, and help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of Queensland.

Using fixtures and improved home design can reduce the ongoing costs that are running of your home.