4 Dangerous Risks Associated With Smart Home Technology

What seemed like something from a science fiction film has become a reality now. Smart Homes utilizes technology to connect devices. This new facet of IT can be incorporated into every part of our daily lives.

However, with new technology always comes new risks, let’s examine a number of the threats linked to a home automation system which could result in privacy or security risks!

1. Data & Identity Theft

By merely having another device that has access to your personal information (like names, addresses, banking data, etc.) opens up another avenue for attackers to access this information.

2. Physical Harm

There are an increasing amount of users with smart home devices that control the physical aspects of their home, such as an alarm system, heating, and lights. You might find it useful because the smart home can handle many monotonous tasks automatically. However, this becomes a concern if a hacker can gain access to and tamper with your system. Imagine being watched on your security camera without knowing and cooking dinner, when all of a sudden the lights go off and your alarms start blaring- that could easily lead to physical damage to you and your property.

3. Smart Technology Makes Location-Based Tracking Easy

Attackers phishing tactics to send a notification to the user with a popup box and an “OK” button, once the unsuspecting user presses “OK”, their physical location is instantly revealed to the hacker.

4. Technology Failure

Sometimes it may not even be the work of hackers that bring problems, but rather simple technological limitations or a flaw with the developer’s code. This could lead to bugs and glitches with smart home devices that lead to strange and undesirable results.