Building a House in The Forest

Building a house in the middle of the woods is one of the best ways to get in touch with nature. The quiet environment filled only with the sound of the wind and birds can have a therapeutic effect on the mind. If you want to live a life where you are always relaxed and free from mental stress the woods is the right place to be. In as much as building a house in the middle of the forest, although it may have a plethora of health benefits, it comes at a cost. There are a number of factors that must be put into consideration before the construction begins. If you are thinking of building your next home in the middle of the woods here are some tips on how you can go about it.

Go for a Secure Location

In the woods, not every place is safe choosing a location that is safe is, therefore, the first thing that you should consider. Security in the woods can mean a lot of things first it can mean constructing your house in a place that has a good topography. It will be unwise to build a house in a place that has poor terrain or one that is likely to be affected by landslides. Not only that, but you will also want to choose a location that is not too far from civilisation. This is important especially when you have a house emergency such as a severely blocked toilet or worse, a fire.

To get more information about the location you are considering building the house in you can carry out further research about the geographical nature of the region. Through this, you will be able to know if the place has ever been affected by natural disasters such as floods or landslides. Security can also mean not building your house in a section of the woods that is has a high number of dangerous animals such as bears.

Reliable Water Source

Before you start building the house you must ensure that there is a reliable water source from which you can obtain clean and safe water. A steady supply of water is good not only for consumption but also a basic need for proper plumbing. Water ensures that the waste material flows smoothly and help to prevent a blocked drain. A good number of forests act as water catchment areas so if you are lucky you may have a river nearby. But if this is not the case you must consider the nearest place that you can get clean water. It is also good to check if the source of water available is seasonal or permanent. Some rivers may dry up during the hot summers when you need water most. If it happens that none of the sources mentioned above is available you can choose another location that is suitable.

Consider the Climate

Some woods have a microclimate system that may change from time to time depending on the conditions currently present. This can make some sections of the woods to be dangerous especially to your health. Before building a house you must ensure that your body can easily adjust to the ever-changing climatic conditions. The climate must be suited for the texture of the house, especially when it is a timber wood stain. If the forest is located in a dry region that has very strong winds you should be more careful. This is because such conditions can easily encourage the spread of forest fires which can lead to damage of property.

The climate will also be important when you want to utilise renewable energy into your home. Areas with a steady amount of sunlight would be good for solar energy, but in general, it is harder to achieve in a forest due to the trees blocking the sunlight. A good option might be hydro energy, but that is only if you have a stream near your place.

Mould Infestation

Moulds are a common thing in some parts of the woods when building ensure that you carry out the correct control measures to get rid of any possible cases of infestation. If this is not done your home will be affected and this may pose a health hazard. This can particularly be dangerous to people who have a mould allergy. The allergens produced by these plants can trigger serious body reactions that if not attended to may be fatal. Although there is plenty of ways to acquire mould treatment for wood, it would be best to avoid such a situation in the first place.

Use Materials with low Ignitability

As a precautionary measure, the building materials used should not be fire-friendly. This will help to reduce the spread of fires in case an accident happens. The fact that you are living in the woods makes it very easy for a fire to spread from your house to the woods and vice Versa.

Another good thing when building a house in the middle of the forest is the number of natural resources you can utilise. Should you want a recreational source of the facility, a zipline in your own backyard may be the answer to your problem. Whether it is an adult zipline or a smaller zip line for children, it can ultimately provide fun for all groups. This is made easier thanks to the number of trees around you. Do note, however, that you need to provide a clear and safe path for the zipline (and the human body) to move freely from one point to another.

Ziplining in your Backyard

Backyards have the capability to provide the best outdoor experience while still in the comfort of your home. Depending on the space available you can turn your backyard into an adventure playground by fitting it with a zip line. You can get a full dinky zip line kit online or you can make your own custom made zip line. But considering that it can be a dangerous activity, it might even worth your money to hire construction contractors for the project.

There are several benefits that come with making your own zip line one being the freedom to choose the right materials that will effectively support your weight. The good news is that the process is not that complicated and will probably only take a few minutes of your time. This article will show you how you can make a zip line in your backyard.

Building a House in the Middle of a Forest

Pick a good Location

Ziplining is a process that highly relies on the force of gravity which may vary depending on the topography of the land. If your backyard is steep then you are more likely to experience one of the best backyard zip line rides. When operating a zip line on a steep terrain it is recommended to use a line that has brakes. This will ensure that you are safe throughout the ride.

Choose the best Trees

A zip line can only be created when each end of the cable is attached to two trees that are opposite to one another. Choosing a tree requires you to consider a number of factors because the trees are like the anchors that will support your weight when on the line. When picking trees for zip lining ensure that they are strong enough to take on heavyweights. Picking a weak tree that easily bends can be dangerous in this process. The trees used should also be some distance apart to enjoy longer rides. If you are extra ambitious for this project, install the zipline on a treetop, creating sort of a ladder to get to the starting point.

If there are no trees in your backyard you can use install concrete posts to offer support to the zip line, but since you are living in the forest, that would be no problem at all.