Advantages of Wire Shelving

What conditions do you need to consider when deciding on your shelving? Do they need to be biohazard resistant? Cold storage capable? Do you need air flowing through the shelves, bin storage or easy visibility of items on the shelves? Perhaps there is a need for shelves that are fire safe? These are all good reasons to pick wire shelving. Wire furniture can serve so many purposes in a facility and won’t retain airborne debris and dust as much.

Here are some of the wire shelving options you might want to consider:

The diverse configurations were built on a construction style that is basic

Wire shelving is constructed of steel uprights and 3d wire forming reinforced shelves that have horizontal running support wires that are overlaid with a front to back running wire which is what creates the mesh pattern. On the front and the back of each shelf there is a wire truss that provides extra reinforcement against the shelf sagging. When a unit has adjustable shelves each upright will have an incremental position marking on the post where the shelf retainers need to go in order to support each other at the same height that you desire. Wheels can be added if you want to be able to move it around or get behind it.

A basic structure that works for different uses and functions

A basic wire shelf is compatible with different uses from warehouse product storage to hospital mobile carts. If you find certain shelving that doesn’t answer the storage optimisation needs, then consider getting wire shelving instead. There are so many advantages you wouldn’t look back.

Cold storage

One great advantage of wire shelving is the fact it works well in cold storage applications as it allows for flow-through ventilation where cold air infiltration goes through all the shelving levels. This will directly impact the quality of storage that your product receives. As you now have the flow-through feature you are not going to get as much condensation build-up on the shelving as the condensed articles will evaporate quickly back into the cold air.

Bin storage for parts storage

As wire shelving has lightweight characteristics it is easy to apply wheels and some wire baskets or put bins on the shelves so it can be moved around the space. This allows for easy transportation of picked items, easy batch picking and store replenishment. Make sure you follow the rules about bin disposal though! The small parts storage will be denser but everything is highly visible as you can place each shelf where it is needed in order to use all the vertical storage capacity.

Retail storage with a clean look

Wire shelving works well for product displays in retail stores. It can be used in clothing, hardware, self-improvement centres and gift shops just to name a few. The high product visibility that is from the open mesh design will have clean lines and won’t accumulate dust on the shelving as much.

Great shelf capacity and fire suppression

Wire shelving normally ranges from about 600 to 900 pounds of capacity. These will depend on your loading patterns and the depth and width of the shelving so ensure you check the capacity ratings before you start to load it up.

If you are not using wire shelving, then you are missing out on the features and the positive things that it can be done for you along with the ease it can offer to your space.