What is a Bubble Crane?

What crane gets used on a construction site is determined by what the crane is capable of doing. Bubble cranes can give you lifting services on even the roughest terrain. The best thing about a bubble crane is the fact they can be manoeuvred in areas with limited space. This type of crane has a small telescope boom along with a fly extension that can cover up to thirty metres. A bubble crane is designed to have one person controlling it and is suitable for all off-road operations, as they can lift most things with ease.


This type of crane is very versatile as it can cover different applications like erecting the structural steel of a building, glass façade installations, and trusses. The difference between bubble cranes and standard truck cranes is that the bubble crane comes with four-wheel steering that can be moved around tight spaces easily. The mobility is what gets taken into consideration when someone decides to use a bubble crane. Bubble cranes hire is a great option if you need a small crane for a short project.


Bubble cranes, also known as city cranes, are very compact machines that feature a small footprint, long boom configurations and an adjustable turning circle. They are suitable for all restricted area jobs. These cranes can get used in both commercial construction and residential construction work, with the ability to be deployed to the site very quickly.


If you want a crane that can go where the others cannot, this type of crane should be your choice. If you need to hire a crane for a tight spot, determine precisely what you need the crane to do. Ensure you check with the hiring company whether the bubble crane is best suited for the job you need to get done.


Whether you need a bubble crane or a different type, it will be determined on how high you need the crane to go, how much weight you need it to bear, and the varied terrain that it will need to be operating on. If you are hiring a massive crane for a job that a bubble crane could do, then you are only paying more for something that you don’t need to be.


The reach

Before hiring a bubble crane, make sure you know the maximum height that you need the crane to go to and see whether the bubble crane can reach this. This will, however, vary from each different site. For something like an off the plan apartment or large office building, you need something that is going to lift a lot higher than the bubble crane. Smaller jobs that are hard to get to and require a shorter reach are more suited for a bubble crane.


The capacity

The next thing that you need to organise is how much weight you need the crane to carry. Each crane will have a varied load capacity from 12 to 130 tonnes. Keeping that in mind, the total amount a crane can take will go down as you extend the boom to its fullest reach.


The ground

The best thing about bubble cranes is they work well on even the roughest of terrain. From gravel, rock, dirt, and even small and uneven surfaces, the bubble crane will still be able to complete the job.


Ensure that whoever is operating the crane has the right qualifications and has experience working the crane and doing the type of job that needs to be done. Crane hire services can be excellent because they provide you with highly skilled operators that have a solid understanding of how to correctly operate a crane.