Tenant advocacy and its growth

Tenants advocacy gives information and advice to legal representatives in order to promote and protect the rights of people who are renting their homes. They discuss various aspects of tenancy varying from how to buy an investment property to what to look out for before considering any type of investment. Landlords often ignore problems that have raised or issues that need addressing which is why tenants who are paying rent need someone to advocate for them and fight for their rights and the things that may be a health concern or safety issue. Advocacy isn’t just for safety and health concerns there are many other reasons why you would use an advocate and people just don’t realise how important they are. Most individuals tend to rely on self-care or informal opinion when it comes to the tenancy market and prevailing economic conditions. However, having an expert opinion on the matter can make a significant difference.

In today world it seems to be a highly politized atmosphere and we are seeing more and more advocacy than we ever have. It is important that we have the time to understand what it means and just why it is so important. Advocacy can be defined as an activity by certain groups and individuals which aim to influence the economic, social, political and institutional decisions.

Is advocacy that important and for what reasons

Improving public services

The government-based advocacy is the most common which is then followed by judicial. The main aim is to improve the justice and one component which is improving the public services and provide the best advice towards off the plan finances. The aim is to change a goal, policy and practice whether it is national, international and local. When a system change is enacted it can change the situation for an individual which is what distinguishes advocacy. When there is advocating on a system-level the results and effort are to improve the services and to improve the existing legislation in order to benefit such individuals.

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Holding the elected officials to more accountability

Advocacy is important because it can draw attention to many issues. Many of the laypersons do not have access to the information that may be needed in order to understand the aspects of different issues and the legislation that might affect it. When we have the dedicated advocates that are prepared to take the time to understand the different issues, they are then able to inform the public through attention-grabbing media channels. This information means the public can make decisions and then they can be communicating their views to the representatives who have the obligation to represent the constituents. If the democracy is a healthy one this will be happening if not the advocates can call it to everyone’s attention and then there can be a call for a new leadership change if they are not doing their jobs correctly or have been caught in a scandal. the results that come from the development of transparency and accountability within the government as well as individual services.

Mobilizing communities for a cause

Mobilisation means that the inclusion of others in an advocacy effort in a way that they are supporting the difficult struggles in order to make the change and take actions towards the goal.

This is important for all the functions of advocacy including tenant’s advocacy as the one person’s opinion may not count for very much especially when a representative hears from absolute hundred each day. If there is an advocacy group they can present the united message to the public and to the policy makers which is a better indication that we are dealing with a broader public opinion.