How To Utilize Free Indoor Spaces

Do you have a spare giant room in the house? There are multiple ways to use it no matter the size. Put in your creative brains to play or use some of the ideas below to transform your home and giving it a new sense of excellence. You do not need to always be practical, think out of the box and maybe give a new space for your hobby? Anyway, here are some of the ideas:

  • The Art Studio: If you are into painting, probably this would be the first idea to come to your head. Nevertheless, make the room inspiring to paint your next masterpiece. Fill it up with all the instruments you need, colour and an easel. Choose colours that are neutral for the flooring and the walls.
  • The Reading Room: If you are a serious bookworm or a writer, then this is another application to give your hobby a boost. Stack up the room with a large shelf with your favourite titles that you have been dying to read. Put in the most comfortable seating possible and fill it up with the best reading light. Ensure that the lighting is good for reading during the day as well as the night. If you are a writer, you can also include a desk and a comfortable chair for you to sit and write. One tip: Do not allow any electronic or distraction to enter the room. Make maximum use of your time to read and write.
  • Private Bar: Well, if you are into socializing a lot, then the next time you call in the guests for a drink, they are sure to get impressed by your own private bar! Stack it up with popular drinks and include a small sink, refrigerator and an ice – maker as well. This will also save you money in the long run, as the cost of bar hire for events in Melbourne is expensive. When not in use, ensure the proper closure of the room so that the bar does not distract you during other times of the day.
  • The Music Room: If you love playing any instrument, refresh your mind and upgrade your hobby by providing yourself a nice music room. Include furniture that help with the buffering of the sound, good number of seats, in case you want your guests to come in and see you perform, and all the instruments you love playing and are good at playing or even those which you want to learn to play!

The ideas for using your indoor spaces are endless. It is just about pushing out of the usual applications of a room in a house and boosting some aspect of your life to ensure maximum happiness. For instance, transforming it into a hobby room. Alternatively, you can also decorate it in a way and provide the room for rent. If you are looking to monetise the room by hiring out the space, have a look at the function rooms in Melbourne CBD, or accommodations to learn a thing or two.

Indoor Theme Park?

Now the next section of this article will benefit those who have the resources to build an indoor theme park. It might seem like something that exists only in movies like Richie Rich, but when you try to look at it from an objective point of view, it might not seem too far-fetched after all. Decide on what you want to have before talking to construction contractors to help you get started with construction.

An indoor theme park is great fun for the kids and adults alike. They require a large indoor space, and they have an advantage of not being influenced by the weather in any way. Several equipment’s are available to build your indoor theme park and depending on the games, you can build your own activities and games too. Although a theme park requires a good amount of investment, it can be earned back as it provides a great benefit of fun and play – time to kids in the area. So, here are a few things to note before building an indoor theme park.

Ways to utilize a large indoor space

  • Decide the theme

This is arguably the most important thing, as if the theme is not good enough, the kids will not be excited to visit your park. Choose a theme that will work even a few years from now, so avoid choosing trends. The theme must be engaging, and there must be a great potential to create games, activities and provide learning to the kids as well. You can even conduct a small survey tying up with schools or with families, to come up with good theme suggestions.

  • Get a space

Indoor parks require a large space. You can check the spaces for hire in your area or the surroundings but ensure that the park has good accessibility to people. More preferably, it must be in an area where there are a greater number of families. Choose a large enough space with proper ventilation and conditioning facilities. After this, you must re-work the entire interiors to suit them theme, starting from the flooring to the walls, to other accessories. Because building a theme park is a big project, it is recommended to have an engineering consultation before doing anything.

  • Get the equipment

Well, what’s a theme park without the right equipment? You can either buy equipment or get some on hire. Some of the most common equipment are below:

    • Play Structures: It is a large indoor playground unit which consists of slides, jumping areas and other small games. It can be based on a specific theme, or just a variety of games integrated into one unit. These are great to engage kids for a long period. You can even build an adult zip line for you and your friends to enjoy.
    • Sports Areas: You can have a small football area covered with nets and organize games amongst kids. This encourages them for physical activity and helps build good connections with other kids.
    • Rock Climbing or Climbing Walls: Who said you cannot do adventure sports indoors? Get a small climbing mountain or walls fitted with good enough of supports to encourage the kids to climb. Give them a small reward if they make it to the top. But do get the necessary equipment to secure the kids in case they lose balance and fall. The best thing to do is to have a guide watching over them always. You could even build the first indoor, private high ropes course in Vic for you and your relatives to enjoy.
    • Trampoline: They are great for kids to jump and get joy. Trampolines can be used by adults as well, and this is a great way to have them play together. A lot of types of trampoline equipment are available with different materials and modifications, check them all out before deciding on one.

The equipment possibilities are endless, so explore all options to fit in your space and per the theme. Do not over – crowd with equipment though, give enough space for the kids to run around.

So, this is a brief overview on how to build your own indoor theme park. If you plan to do so, get started today and create the next exciting space in your area.